Patricia Olivarez is a piano teacher and composer who lives on Kauai. She started piano lessons around age 6, and started teaching piano at age 15. She was raised in central California, and fell in love with nature visiting Yosemite National Park throughout her childhood. She worked in Yosemite Valley for several seasons as a young adult. On the off seasons from Yosemite, she was fortunate enough to spend time living in a refugee camp along the border of Thailand and Myanmar. She taught English and piano to the refugee children, but overall during her time there, she learned from them about how to life a life of joy, nourished by their focus on resilience, simplicity, and gratitude. 

After her time in Thailand and Yosemite, Patricia moved to San Diego to further study music. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree from San Diego State University, with emphasis in piano. In addition to earning her degree, her twelve years in San Diego were spent playing keyboard in several bands, composing solo piano music, and teaching a large studio of piano students. 

In 2015 she moved to Kauai, where she now enjoys a smaller teaching studio, more time for composing, and sharing her compositions through piano sound bath experiences. She loves spending time on the trails and beaches of Kauai with her husband, Davo, and dog, Penny. 

Patricia's compositions are largely inspired by her love of nature.