I am thrilled to announce the launch of my Live Piano Sound Baths on Kauai! 

How it works…

I play approximately 45-50 minutes of all original solo piano music, woven together in a continuous stream by on-the-spot improvisations. The music never stops so that you can remain immersed in the stories that the piano shares with you.

If at my house: Attendees lie on their yoga mats. Pillows, blankets, etc., are also welcome in your space…however you envision yourself most enjoying the experience! Sessions available for 1-6 people. VISITORS TO THE ISLAND: I currently have 3 yoga mats that I can provide for you, along with clean beach towels to lay on top of them, and optional pillows.

If at your house or space: You are welcome to lay on couches, cushions, yoga mats…however you like! As many people as can fit comfortably are welcome to attend.

This event can be used for healing, relaxation, music therapy, or simply to give yourself some time to rest amidst live solo piano music. It is also a great gift idea for a loved one who could use a unique respite, or a birthday or anniversary gift. It can also be a special experience for bridal parties to have a precious moment of rest and beauty amidst all the chaos of a wedding week! 

If schedules align and you have interest, I may be able to provide a massage therapist for a private session, or to rotate around the room during a group session to further enhance the experience. The price for the massage therapist would be arranged upon scheduling, and separate from the prices listed below.

Piano Sound Bath Pricing:

Private Session (single person): $120 

Kama 'aina Private Session (with Hawaii ID): $100

Group Session (2 or more people) $60 per person

Kama 'aina Group Session (with Hawaii ID): $50 per person

*The above prices are for sessions in my home. If I come to you, price will vary depending on how far you live. 

Please email me at patriciaopiano@gmail.com to schedule and for more pricing info if needed, and any additional questions you may have. 

What people are saying about Patricia's Piano Sound Baths:

“Inspired by nature and human experience, classical pianist Patricia creates a deep healing space through her music! The Piano Sound Bath is both a journey and a meditation.Thank you Patricia for sharing this beautiful gift.” -Alison M. 

“My first time attending Patricia's piano sound bath. As soon as she was done playing I thought to myself, I can't wait to do this again. It felt like my own private piano concert. Incorporating an almost yoga-like environment makes this experience truly one of a kind. And a whole different way for self care. ”-Sarah P.

“I've had the pleasure of attending three sessions of Patricia's ‘piano bathing’. Each was wonderful and different. The first one brought me to tears of joy and sorrow, with many emotions in between. The second one got me solidly into the holiday spirit. This last one had me relaxing and watching with amusement as my mind wandered in many directions. Each session took me exactly where I needed to go in that moment. I look forward to seeing/feeling where the next one takes me!!!”- Abbie L.